Senin, 24 Desember 2012

download The Sims


Since there's people requesting this game on my facebook XD okay.. Here it is :D
Well i think you don't have to be explained about the game it self :P it's the very first The Sims game :D cool enough eh? and.. It's in RIP :D so the size would be very small :)

System Requierement? Nahhh i think i don't have to mention it :P because it's too small XD

Download :

RAR Password : cybergomez

If There Isn't Any sims.exe , Download This And Put At Your Gamefolder :

How To Install : 

1. Download all part and put it in One Folder
2. Extract part 1 and all the parts will be extracted automaticly
3. If Already Extracted , run the game from sims.exe
4. If an error message appear, Just Close it :)
5. Happy Playing :D

Note : There Won't Be Any Sound Of The Game!! Because this is RIP that's why :)

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